I am a tenant and would like to unsubscribe from some or all Sublet.com emails?

To view what emails you are currently receiving please login in to your account by clicking the link below. Once logged in you will be able to view your current rental profiles. In your rental profiles to you will notice the following columns "Rental Leads" and "New Listing Updates".

If your account shows:

  • Rental Leads- status as "Active" than you are set to receive emails from landlords.
  • New Listings Updates- as "Daily", "Weekly", or "Monthly" than you are set to receive email updates accordingly to this schedule.

To stop mails in your Account:

  • Rental Lead- emails, please click on the word "Active" it will immediately change your status to "Stopped"
  • New Listing Updates- emails please click on the "Daily", "Weekly", or "Monthly" link and a frequency box will appear on the screen. Select "Do not Send" option and click submit. Once this is done it will immediately change your status to "Stopped"

If you have unsubscribe from Sublet.com emails, and you still receiving mails please contact us by clicking the contact us link above. Please note that we do not wish you to receive emails that you no longer need or want.